Coaching & TRAINING

We can help you and your team unlock your creativity.


Our way of working is that whole teach a man to fish thing. You know, show someone how to do something vs telling them what you’ve done.

In an age of increased automation, why would businesses who want to be innovative, outsource a key skill of the future like creative problem solving?

The businesses that will thrive are the ones that will have more creative workers than their competitors, and that’s where we come in.

Our coaching and training program begins by indentifying the current creative potential of every individual in your organisation.

We then allocate different skill development coaching based on the existing level of creative skill of each employee.

It works flexibly on timing, location and curriculum - with outcomes tailored to your industry.

Your team don’t leave with a laminated certificate they’ll never look at again, or a workbook that sits on the shelf they never use. They leave with improved creative skills so they can solve problems, create innovative new concepts, test and learn ideas, and identify great ideas when they see them.

You don’t need to hire in or outsource creative thinking, you can build it from within.

Get in touch and let us walk you through our coaching and training program.