Wade Kingsley, Founder


I've been thinking about ideas since I was 4-years-old. What started as a journey in radio, took me across Australia in many different roles and industries over 20 years.

I've worked for major media companies and media agencies. I’ve launched new businesses and turned other businesses around.

The teams I’ve led have created some of the most innovative promotional and marketing campaigns in Australian radio history. Nova FM Brisbane is regarded within the industry as one of the most successful media brand launches in history. As launch Promotions & Marketing Director I was proud of the ideas we created to achieve this result.

In 2015, I launched ‘The Studio’, a 80 person strong creative services team within Southern Cross Austereo (Triple M FM, Hit Network). The result was the business converted more advertising revenue than ever before based on brilliant campaign strategy and ideas.

For other businesses, I have created content and marketing campaigns. I've coached creators, led creative teams, and created entirely new creative departments.

I've concepted, sold and pitched thousands of ideas myself. I've named businesses and products, and helped thousands of others to do the same.

The constant is my passion for always doing it better, and I’d love to help your business grow with the ideas I can create for you.


Adrian Venditti, General Manager


I’m a media and marketing specialist with 12+ years of experience.

My passion for building high functioning teams is underpinned by my core values of creativity, collaboration and effectiveness.

I’ve worked with major brands across Australia developing marketing and brand strategy including BMW, Mini & CUB.

My role with The Ideas Business is to help our own business grow as well as coaching participants in our education programs.