From a foundation in media and marketing in Australia, we now work globally across all industries.


We’ve always loved the creative industries like media and entertainment. We now use that experience to bring creativity to other industries.

Since we opened THE IDEAS BUSINESS in 2017, we’ve worked with small businesses in Melbourne, medium businesses in Australia, and large corporations around the world (such as Southern Cross Austereo and the BBC).

We work with C Suite leaders, Marketing teams and business owners with equal respect and passion.

We always keep our current customer base confidential, as our work gives them a competitive advantage.

However we are more than happy to put you in touch with who we are currently working with to provide details of our scope of work. Just reach out to us via our contact page.

You can also read references from people who have used us by clicking below.

If your brand needs to grow, we can help you.

If your team needs to be more creative, we can help you.

We’d love to help you Create Better Ideas.